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About us Co. Ltd. was established in 2005 by the outsource of the marketing section of Wonderline company group. Its purpose is to create a point of sale media which meets all the requirements of the participants of the medicine market. It is important for that it should provide a stable and reliable service besides taking into consideration the rational economic possibilities.


The system

The system developed by is applied in pharmacies with very high OTC turnover in Hungary. This system managed centrally and remotely does not need any maintenance on the premises. The system is capable of managing a large number of pharmacies both separately and together.


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Contacts Co. Ltd.
Address: 4-8 Topolya u. Budapest 1131 - Hungary
Telephone: (+36-1) 796.5404 Fax: (+36-1) 796.5403


Patient Caller

Comfortable, soothing, and wait-free –

In Europe, a pharmacy without a queue management system is unimaginable.
It’s not surprising as it makes possible to

  • reduce waiting time

  • manage customer flows

  • without alignment

  • hustle and slower or faster row

This system is useful for patients and employees as well because you should help more customers and more time is kept for patient communication. Therefore the time spent there becomes more valuable and effective


The Queue Management System facilitates the patient’s civilised and effective service. The costumer pulls a unique number at the entrance, after that is watching his number on the screen. The Queue Management System controls the process of the alignment in a soothing and traceable way. It makes possible a comfortable service without waiting.

Optional functions:
1.Payment by card (credit card, Health Insurance Card)
2.Payment by cash
3.Reception of Pre-ordered, prepared magistral medicaments
People should follow the called numbers on LCD TV next to the signature of cashier.

Client traffic: maximum 2500 patient/day
Distribution of numbers: thermal printer with automatic cutting
Number of workplace: maximum 12
Number of functions (push-button): maximum 7 push-buttons
Workplace display: yes
Central, large screen
• The way of calling: wired or software
• Suggested fields of application: pharmacies, surgeries, hospitals
• Other features: central display on LCD or TV

A central screen signals the signature of counter and the number of called patients (it is an option to use an audio tone as well).

Assistant module:
The devices are placed at each assistant’s counter which are good for signaling the number of patients and calling the patients to the counter.




Reviews about us

- The reason of why we are using this system is that the waiting patients are interested in the products which they saw on the screen. So the pharmacists order these products and keep them on stock. The increase was measurable.
Dr. Enikő Fekete - Richter Gedeon Plc.

- A consumer gets daily an average of 4-5 thousand impulses but remembers only a shred of them. Therefore we are using the system of
Dr. Szabolcs Patthy - Roche Hungary Ltd.

- It assures an effective reach in the pharmacy, so it complements and supports the marketing campaigns.
Noémi Sey - GlaxoSmithKline Ltd.

- This system makes the alignment more enjoyable. The turnover of the products advertised has raised more than 28%.
dr. Márta Nagy Mészárosné - Victoria Pharmacy